"LAP Services for Law Students" provides an overview of LAP programs and services available in New York, plus information on coping while in law school and managing the admissions process.


Law Student Brochure





The "Character and Fitness" Brochure is one in a series of law school-related initiatives, designed to bring resources and awareness of issues of alcohol abuse, drug addiction and depression to law students.  This brochure clarifies how the bar admission process addresses these issues.

Character and Fitness Brochure







Depression Brochure





The "Depression" Brochure was prepared to encourage treatment for mental health issues among members of the legal profession.  Depression among attorneys occurs twice as frequently as in the general population, yet the condition is often ignored, even though it responds well to treatment.

Understanding Depression Brochure




The "Model LAP Initiatives" Brochure was prepared for local and specialty bar associations who may be considering how to support the lawyer assistance effort for their membership.  This brochure contains frequently asked questions about why to get involved; who could be of help; establishing committees and other options; paying for services and confidentiality.

Model LAP Brochure





ABA brochure





The American Bar Association's brochure "Lawyers and Substance Abuse Prevention" is a useful resource.

ABA Lawyers and Substance Abuse Brochure