(Answer these questions as honestly as you can)

Question Yes No
1. Are my peers, friends or family alleging that my drinking or drug use is interfering with my work?  (  )  (  )
2. Do I plan my day around my drinking/drug use?  (  )  (  )
3. Do I ever feel I need a drink/drug to face certain situations?  (  )  (  )
4. Do I frequently drink/use drugs alone?  (  )  (  )
5. Have I ever had a loss of memory when apparently functioning because of my drinking/drug use?  (  )  (  )
6. Do I ever drink/use drugs before a meeting or court appearance to calm my nerves, gain courage, or improve my performance?  (  )  (  )
7. Do I want a drink or take a drug the morning after a hard night drinking/drugging?  (  )  (  )
8. Have I missed deadlines or appointments because of my drinking/drug use or because of a hangover?  (  )  (  )
9. After drinking/drug use, have I ever felt any of the following: fear, remorse, guilt, loneliness, depression, severe anxiety, terror, or impending doom?  (  )  (  )
10. Is my drinking/drug use making me careless about my finances, health or other responsibilities?  (  )  (  )
11. While drinking/drugging, have I ended up in places I would not normally frequent or with people I would not normally socialize with?  (  )  (  )
12. Do I need or desire a drink/drug to steady my nerves at a particular time of day or week?  (  )  (  )
13. Have I ever lied, cheated or stolen to support or cover up my drinking/drug use?  (  )  (  )
14. Have I ever tried unsuccessfully to quit drinking/drugging for any length of time?  (  )  (  )
15. Have I made attempts to control my drinking/drug use by limiting it to special occasions, special times of the day, or certain days of the week, certain number or types of drinks/drugs?  (  )  (  )
16. Do I avoid people in order to hide the effects of my drinking/drug use?  (  )  (  )
17. Have I ever been hospitalized or treated by a doctor directly or indirectly as a result of my drinking/drugging?  (  )  (  )
18. Is there anyone in any generation of my family who has been diagnosed, treated for, or sought help for an alcohol, drug or other addiction problem?  (  )  (  )

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you owe it to yourself, your family, your clients and your profession to contact a lawyer assistance program.  See the links on this site.